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Claudio, Leonato... Dogberry?

One of the more troublesome aspects of original characters in fantasy fanfiction is incongruity of names. When the names aren't borrowed from some established language's nameset certain sorts of author seem to have a tendency to just take the names most familiar to them. It instantly pegs the character as out-of-place. I mean, when you first read the name Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing did you not guess he was going to be a bit weird (starts at about 7:00)? I can't count the times browsing Zelda fandom I've run across characters with sensible everyday names when, even among human characters, the series tends to avoid this (the only exceptions that spring readily to mind are Beth and Louise from Twilight Princess). Now, I'll admit finding a name that sounds like it belongs with the names of canon characters can be hard, but it's not impossible and there's certainly no reason to have characters named Johnny or whatever running around. (It's especially annoying when there clearly is a naming scheme, to continue with our Zelda example the Kokiri all (except Saria) have names put together from the Solfège (do re mi fa so la ti do) and so making up the name of a few more Kokiri really shouldn't be too hard.

So you know, cut it out.


Compare, Contrast

Most any performance after 1996

I don't know why the cover version bothers me so much. I don't think it has much to do with the singers as with the fans and cheering. Which is definitely weird, because when I usually hear a live track with people cheering or singing along, it makes it that much better.

I'll have to think on what's different.

Useful for editing

I have editing tags now built in to the journal.

<omit>This sucks and you should remove it</omit>

<add>You left something out</add>

<cmnt>Annotations and comments</cmnt>

<hlgt>Highlight text</hlgt>

You are all green with envy, I'm sure. But there's no need to be! You can add them to your own journal and put them to work for your own editing needs! Just go to the custom journal section (under the "Journal" drop-down menu) and add the following where it gives you an opportunity to put in your own custom css

color: rgb(255,0,0);
text-decoration: line-through;
color: rgb(103,103,255);
font-weight: bolder;
color: rgb(255,0,0);
font-style: italic;
font-style: italic;
color: rgb(0,155,0);


The interrobang‽
What interrobang‽

Jul. 6th, 2009

"Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people."

Exceptionally small minds assume we can neatly categorise everything into ideas, events and people.

In seriousness, I think Ms. Roosevelt was really spectacularly wrong on this one. The President, say, really ought to be talked about regardless of the ideas he proposes because he might not live up to them, or might go back on promises without explanation or justification (an event, which speaks to who he is as a person: viz. a dishonest and hypocritical one). In which case, I don't see how pointing out we have a hypocrite for a president, whose feet could use some more fire, is the sign of a small mind.